The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Eco-Friendly Summer Wedding

Planning a summer wedding is an exciting journey filled with many decisions. For couples committed to sustainability, creating an eco-friendly celebration is a beautiful way to start their lives together. From decor to favors, every detail can reflect your values. This guide focuses on how to plan an eco-friendly summer wedding, with a special spotlight on using eco-friendly soy candles.

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Soy Candles for Wedding Decor

Healthier Environment

Eco-friendly soy candles are made from natural soy wax, a renewable resource that burns cleanly. Unlike paraffin candles, which can release harmful chemicals into the air, soy candles ensure a healthier environment for you and your guests.


Soy wax is biodegradable and produced from soybeans, which are often grown sustainably. By choosing soy candles, you support agricultural practices that are better for the planet.

Longer Burn Time

Soy candles typically burn longer than their paraffin counterparts. This means your wedding decor will last throughout the event, providing continuous ambiance without the need for frequent replacements.

Versatile Scents

Eco-friendly soy candles often use natural fragrance oils, providing a variety of scents that can enhance the atmosphere of your wedding without synthetic chemicals.

Burnout Candle Co. Wedding Packages

Choosing the right candles means selecting from brands that prioritize sustainability. Burnout Candle Co. specializes in eco-friendly soy candles and offers customizable options for weddings. Our commitment to chemical-free candle-making ensures a safe and beautiful addition to your decor. Explore our private label collection to find the perfect candles that match your theme and vision. 

Ideas for Using Clean-Burning Candle Waxes to Enhance Wedding Venues

Table Centerpieces

Create stunning centerpieces with clean-burning candle waxes. Combine candles of different heights and sizes with seasonal flowers and greenery to make each table glow.

Ceremony Backdrops

Enhance your ceremony backdrop with a wall of eco-friendly soy candles. This can create a warm, romantic ambiance as you exchange vows.

Outdoor Pathways

Illuminate outdoor pathways with natural fragrance candles placed in lanterns or mason jars. This not only provides lighting but also adds a magical touch to the evening.

Hanging Decorations

Use candles in glass holders hung from tree branches or wedding arches. This floating candle effect can create an enchanting atmosphere for your outdoor summer wedding.

Tips for Ensuring a Chemical-Free and Environmentally Friendly Celebration

Choose Natural Decor

Opt for decorations made from natural, biodegradable materials. Wooden signs, fabric banners, and potted plants are excellent eco-friendly choices.

Minimize Waste

Encourage recycling and composting at your wedding. Provide clearly marked bins and consider using compostable tableware.

Sustainable Catering

Select a catering service that uses local, organic ingredients. Reducing the carbon footprint of your food and drink choices contributes significantly to an eco-friendly wedding.

Eco-Friendly Invitations

Use recycled paper for your invitations or opt for digital invites. This reduces paper waste and allows for creative, interactive designs.

Support Ethical Vendors

Work with vendors who share your commitment to sustainability. From florists to photographers, choosing eco-conscious professionals helps ensure that every aspect of your wedding aligns with your values.

Recycle Decor

Don’t throw out your wedding decorations after the big day. Recycle your candle jars or up-cycle the unused wax. You may sell your gently used decor to another happy couple for some post-wedding cash to cover honeymoon expenses. 

Before You Go

Creating an eco-friendly summer wedding is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding. By focusing on sustainable practices and products like eco-friendly soy candles from Burnout Candle Co., you can celebrate your love in a way that honors the planet. Incorporate clean-burning candle waxes into your decor, choose chemical-free options, and enjoy the beauty of a wedding that is as kind to the environment as it is to you and your guests.

Embrace the journey of planning a green wedding, and let every detail reflect your commitment to sustainability. Happy planning, and congratulations!